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Chemical Design & Sustainable Catalysis

for innovation in organic synthesis

Research in the Seo group

The fundamental principle of our research is to innovate unique reaction modes and new catalytic systems for sustainable organic synthesis. We aim to achieve user-friendly, efficient, and selective chemical transformations by creating our own synthetic toolboxes through three main approaches:

1) design of novel chemical reagents

2) development of new catalytic platforms using base metals

3) reaction methodology via chemoenzymatic catalysis


The Seo group is looking for potential postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate interns who are keen to build their careers in the field of synthetic organic chemistry, be it in chemical industries (pharma, materials, etc.) or in academia. Highly motivated candidates of any educational backgrounds are welcome to apply, who would be trained appropriately for interdisciplinary research involving organic synthesis, organometallics, and biocatalysis. Those who are interested should direct informal inquiries to

저희 연구실은 새로운 시약 디자인, 비금속 촉매, 생촉매 등의 활용을 통하여 혁신적인 친환경 유기합성법 개발을 목표하고 있습니다. 유기합성, 유기금속화학, 생화학 관련 연구에 관심있는 학부생/대학원생들은 이메일을 통해 문의주시길 바랍니다.

Group News


1st Apr 2023

The Seo group starts independent research at the Department of Physics and Chemistry, DGIST. We are currently looking for postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students to join our group for innovative research in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry and catalysis. Those who are interested should contact Sangwon via email.

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